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With access control systems, you control who enters and exits the facility. You also have the ability to quickly and easily activate, restrict, change or deactivate employee access not only to your building but also to your assets and inventory.

Restrict and Control Access

Access control systems are an essential part of commercial security systems. With access control, you can quickly and easily control who has access to the building and/or restricted areas. You can assign different types of access levels to different groups (managers, employees, contractors, janitorial staff, etc.)  While all groups may have access to enter the main door, access to secure areas or privileged information may be limited to only one group.

Managing Access Control Systems

  • Onsite server – Manage and control the access permissions from an onsite server.
  • Cloud-based – Remotely control the access permissions for one or more facility and/or one or more individual from any location


Employee Protection

By limiting who can access the building and/or areas of the facility you are able to provide employees and their belongings a safer work environment.


Reduce Theft, Maintain Confidentiality and Compliance

Decrease theft by limiting access to areas with secure information and/or inventory. Certain facilities such as hospitals, medical offices, and insurance companies are required to comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information.



Each time you duplicate a key, you increase the risk for unauthorized access to your facility. There are even ways around “non-reproducible “keys.  Changing your locks each time an employee leaves can be costly.  Lost or stolen keys and the unauthorized use of keys can lead to situations with criminal activity such as theft and vandalism.


Activity Logs

Review who was in your facility and what time they entered a specific location(s)

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