Physical Security is Still Important to Business

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Most small to medium businesses work within tight profit margins and have to carefully consider their security spend which usually involves both physical and cybersecurity. However, while businesses are justifiably concerned about network security, their actual physical security has taken a backseat much to the detriment of the business.

Physical Security is for More Than Security

One important thing to remember as a business owner is that physical security systems add security value and value in managing your business. Not only do they protect your assets from crimes like shoplifting, theft, and vandalism, they also provide important insights such as if the space is utilized well, how productivity could be improved, and more.

Don’t Underestimate Your Physical Security System Needs

Having a small or medium business does not mean you have small security needs. In fact, your needs may be as great or greater!

Criminals love smaller businesses because they:

  • Are likely to have inadequate security
  • May have taken a DIY approach to security systems
  • Probably do not have a monitored video surveillance system
  • Often lack of proper lighting and locks


Tips for Small Business Physical Security

You do not have to own a huge business enterprise to need, benefit from, or have the ability to afford physical security measures. There are many very affordable security system options from which businesses can benefit.

Controlling Access

No business would leave their doors open and expect it to remain safe, yet not implementing access control is almost as bad as leaving your business unlocked. Access control can help you secure the business and allow off-hours deliveries or services, or to quickly add or change who has access without having to incur the costs of rekeying locks. Access control can also allow for the safe management of visitors to controlled areas, like the doctor’s office or document rooms.

Video Surveillance Provides Increased Awareness

Video surveillance is probably the most versatile and valuable of all security system options. The presence of video surveillance helps deter crime but has the added advantage of providing important business insights.

Comprehensive Alarm Systems are a Must

All businesses can benefit from a comprehensive alarm system.  Depending on your business, you may benefit from or even be required to have more than just an intrusion alarm. Such examples include CO2 detectors, smoke detectors, and a fire alarm system. You should never assume that your building is adequately equipped with an appropriate alarm system.  To ensure you have the proper coverage and your system is working order, you should get an evaluation from a professional security system provider.
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