Residential Video Surveillance

All Eyes on Your Safety

Video technology has progressed tremendously, and ADVANCED Security Solutions helps you have even greater control in and around your home. We work with you on what you want to accomplish, including but not limited to the following:

  • Keep track of your latchkey children, when they arrive home and with whom.
  • Assess the inside and outside of the home for any issues, or even intruders who may be on the premises.
  • Make your stay at your vacation home easier, when you can virtually check in on your primary home to assess its well-being.
  • Get real-time alerts of when deliveries have arrived, or contractors are on-site to perform work.

Finally Peace of Mind

It is no secret that homes with monitored alarms are less likely to be targeted from burglars and suffer break-ins. ADVANCED Security Solutions is not a ‘one solution fits all company.’ We specialize in matching customers with the perfect services and equipment. Systems include hardwired alarms as well as wireless detection and a range of sensors and other devices to detect breaches or potential break-ins before losses occur.

Not only can you monitor system activity from connected devices such as smartphones and tablets, but we deploy 24/7, UL-listed monitoring services for complete coverage and detection. With a monitoring agreement in place, authorities will be dispatched in the event your system is activated.

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