Residential Energy Management

Integrated Energy Devices

Today, security is only one small facet of what ADVANCED Security Solutions offers. Now, the newest devices and services integrated in your home can keep your energy costs down, and be less reliant to the ever-increasing costs of the power grid.

With Honeywell TotalConnect, or other integrated systems solutions we custom design for your home, sensors, detectors, thermostats and other control devices, we put you in the driver’s seat, saving you money.

  • Smart thermostats allow you to fully manage the heating or cooling in your home or intuitively assess activity and make your home’s energy as efficient as it can be.
  • Water/flood sensors and sump pump detectors activate and alert of a power outage, switching to back up power so flooding – and damage – does not occur.
  • Gas and carbon monoxide detectors, integrated to our professional monitoring facility for early alert notification.
  • Comfort, peace of mind and energy efficiency is yours with little effort, and remote control through mobile apps, web browsers or other connected devices.

You are in Control of Energy

During peak energy consumption hours, your system can automatically dial down the temperature, or better yet, take the air conditioning up to higher levels when you are away after motion sensors detect no movement in your home for a pre-determined time. The amount of control is always up to you, and the way you want to manage your home – while you are there or away. ADVANCED Security Solutions is your partner in managing energy and saving you money, while you rely less on the energy grid and ever-increasing utility costs.

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