Commercial Video Surveillance

Real-Time Activity Assessments

Network connected IP video cameras give you complete control over your premises and present another valuable layer to providing intelligence on what is happening in and around your business. From single cameras at entrances or sensitive areas to CCTV across the enterprise, ADVANCED Security Solutions provides surveillance for targeted applications. Video surveillance can be deployed in many different ways to accomplish all your security and safety goals:

  • At entrances and exits, integrated with access control and intrusion detection.
  • To verify intrusion and with central station monitoring to provide additional information to responding authorities.
  • In factories or warehouses to keep apprised of activity during production or stocking.
  • For overall identity management at the property and to remotely see who is coming before unlocking gates.
  • To record and archive as necessary for positive identification or to verify employee’s whereabouts.

Capturing the Data You Need

At ADVANCED Security Solutions, we never suggest surveillance – unless you need it! We will not force feed you any specification and first determine what you want to accomplish and how surveillance may achieve your goals. There is a wide range of different types of cameras and technologies and we are the experts who do the homework to make sure what we suggest and install is the best in the business. We offer unconditional warranties on all our systems – so your security experience will be all you expect and more.

Contact us for a FREE assessment of your commercial property so we can determine what your needs are and how surveillance might be part of your overall security plan.

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