Outdoor Surveillance

Wireless Mesh, Long-Range Radio

ADVANCED Security Solutions is a leader in providing outdoor surveillance to critical infrastructure, government, military and law enforcement departments. We offer a host of outdoor protection scenarios, including microwave, fence and seismic sensors and wireless mesh technology to provide the best prevention and detection to these markets and more. Wireless mesh networks are secure and can easily, effectively and wirelessly connect entire cities using inexpensive, existing technology.

We have accomplished many successful outdoor surveillance using mesh and other technologies. We also deploy the latest video management software so you can easily manage and control every part of your security. ADVANCED Security Solutions can tie its wireless communications topology into command and control centers and public safety centers, as well as provide integration to police car and first responder vehicles.

Protecting the Protectors

Ask us about all our proven, successful projects using:

  • Wireless mesh technology and long-range radio
  • Integrated access control
  • Enterprise video surveillance
  • Gates and parking garage controls and emergency duress
  • Audio and two-way voice
  • Consultation on command and control centers
  • Every part of the outskirts of your property or building

Outdoor surveillance and security can be challenging, but ADVANCED Security Solutions knows how to address any potential issues the environment poses. Technologies are built to withstand the elements and anything a potential intruder dishes out, to provide prevention and proactive alerts so you avoid costly loss of property and keep your personnel safe.

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