Commercial Intrusion

The Best of Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection is a mainstay of professionally installed security systems and ADVANCED Security Solutions provides a custom-designed approach made for your business and your vertical market. We work with you to address the challenges and issues you face so you can keep unauthorized individuals out yet still provide the type of workspace that lets employees, approved contractors and visitors unfettered and unencumbered movement within the facility.

Each specification starts with our specialty: the consultative approach. We conduct a complete site survey, walking the premises with stakeholders. We involve the facilities manager and IT personnel, so the end result is an intrusion detection plan that works for everyone. Our services include deep knowledge and expertise of the following vertical markets and more:

  • Education, from K-12 to higher learning institutions.
  • Critical infrastructure, including utilities and water treatment and chemical plants.
  • Transportation and aviation.
  • Healthcare, hospitals and medical and doctor’s offices.
  • Finance, banking and credit unions.
  • Retail and hospitality.

Because each facility is different, that is where the expertise of ADVANCED Security Solutions shines. For example, you may need opening and closing reports that provide a detailed history of when a system is armed and disarmed by date, time and user.

Reports can be provided on a weekly or monthly basis via fax or email. Another viable option is hold-up and duress buttons for financial institutions and banks as well as integrated lock-down options for schools or even medical facilities.

Your solutions do not stop at the inside. In fact, intrusion detection begins on the outside of your facility, where we may incorporate gates and parking controls, including two-way voice and emergency alert buttons. Anything’s possible, and that is what we deliver.

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