Commercial Access Control

Managing Authorized and Unauthorized Users

The essence of access control is managing who comes and goes from your facility. It is critical to keep unwanted people out, yet still let employees and authorized visitors from feeling overly restricted. But now, access control has moved into identification and data management.

From online and offline locks, secure wireless WiFi, card, proximity and even high-security biometrics, ADVANCED Security Solutions has access control for every size facility – from single locations to enterprise networked systems. Access control also transcends security information into data you can use for human resources and time and attendance, as well as smart credentials to dually debit and payment plans, particularly attractive for campus and education users.

Integrated with intrusion detection and video surveillance, access control keeps you up to date with email and mobile alerts on the safety and security at your facility. ADVANCED Security Solutions will design a custom solution and deploy a comprehensive access control system that includes:

  • Client-site server applications where you control access control privileges on site.
  • Cloud and web-based server applications where we take control of the management so you do not have to be concerned with issuing badges, changing permissions and uploading software and other interfaces.
  • Whatever option you decide. We can help with parts of the administration or leave it up to you to decide.

High-Security Applications

For those areas which require a higher level of security or identity management, we offer the latest biometrics. This technology can be used effectively in critical infrastructure applications, or at certain areas of the facility requiring greater restrictions, such as laboratories, medical facilities, drug dispensaries or for controlled access to computers or networks.

Coupled with central station monitoring, your facility will be protected inside and outside the premises, while offering the precise level of administration you need.

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